Sedgwick Staff

Left to Right: Dennis Beebe, Marion Whittmann, Kate McCurdy, Kristin Powell, Chelsea Fletcher, Deby Puro, Brenda Juarez

Dennis Beebe, Special Projects, sedgwick@lifesci.ucsb.edu

Marion Wittmann, NRS Executive Director, marion.wittmann@ucsb.edu

Kate McCurdy, Resident Director  mccurdy@lifesci.ucsb.edu

Brenda Juarez, Administrative Support, bjj@ucsb.edu

Debra Deyette, Outreach Coordinator, sedgwick@lifesci.ucsb.edu

Deby Puro, Management Services Officer  deby.puro@ucsb.ed


UCSB NRS Administrative Office

(In the Marine Science Institute)

(not pictured)
Trish Holden, UCSB NRS Director holden@bren.ucsb.edu 

Matt Fratus, UCSB NRS Development and Outreach  matt.fratus@ccs.ucsb.edu


UCSB Natural Reserve System
MSRB 520, Room 2314, Mail Code: 6150
Santa Barbara, CA 93016-6150
(805) 893-4127