K-12 Visits

OC group hikes at Sedgwick
Students hiking at Sedgwick

The Sedgwick Reserve is, regretably, unable at present to offer docent-led programming for K-12 class trips. We remain an ideal low cost site for classes who provide their own instruction and chaperone assistance; requests can be made through the RAMS online reservation system.

Educators who are familiar with the quality programming offered at Sedgwick in the past are encouraged to contact our partner in education, NatureTrack, to plan a field trip to Sedgwick or other NatureTrack sites in the area. Several other outdoor education locations, including the Arroyo Hondo Preserve and the Cachuma Lake Nature Center continue to educate and inspire local K-12 students about the natural environment. We urge you to contact these or other parks and protected lands in our area if Sedgwick is not a feasible location for your K-12 group.