Giving to the Reserve: Our 2019 Year in Review

Dear Friends of Sedgwick Reserve

This past year at the Sedgwick Reserve has flown by, highlighted by many memorable events, including the much-needed spring rains. By April, the Reserve was a spectacle of wildflowers. Over the summer, we bid farewell to the last lead-painted buildings and relished in watching the construction of the new research offices and bunkhouse. 

With UC Santa Barbara professor Dr. Frank Davis at the helm, the La Kretz Research Center at Sedgwick enjoyed an excellent and rewarding year. Highlights included the 2nd Sedgwick Reserve Research Symposium - hosted and convened by the La Kretz Research Center and Professor Davis, the publishing of the Center’s first peer-reviewed article, Demography of evergreen and deciduous oaks in a mixed oak savanna: insights from a long-term experiment in the journal Ecosphere, and the recruitment of the Center’s first postdoctoral scholar, Dan Sousa.

In the upcoming year, our campground and outdoor kitchen patio will be under renovation to improve facilities for visiting classes conducting field studies and other academic activities. For several months next spring, the “outdoor classroom” will serve as a hub for scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research along with faculty and students from the UC Santa Barbara Geography Department who will be studying sundowner winds and their relationship to fire risk in Santa Barbara County. 

Sedgwick’s seasoned cadre of docents eagerly anticipate a wide offering of outreach activities in 2020. We will be offering weekend hikes and field station tours from January to May and Walking Ecology lectures from June to December. We hope to see you on one of the hikes, attending a lecture or frolicking under the oaks at the 11th annual Barn Dance. 

The generosity of Sedgwick’s supporters has been instrumental in our successes over the last year! Donor support has enabled the growth of endowments that support Sedgwick Reserve activities, and we are making good progress towards our $5 million goal. These endowments support graduate student research at the Sedgwick, along with Reserve staff who maintain our facilities and steward the land. Individual support has also greatly enhanced the Reserve’s public outreach program, enabled furnishing of the new researcher dorm, and allowed us to hire stewards to plant native plants around the field station along with other critical land stewardship projects. 

Gifts of financial support for Sedgwick over the last several years have been critical our day-to-day operations. Your contribution to Sedgwick in support of stewardship and infrastructure projects will benefit wildlife, the land and our visitors for years to come. 

I hope that you will consider making a gift now, and do it sustainably and effortlessly---online! A contribution in any amount will make a difference and you can do it today simply by clicking here. It's green, economical, easy and important!

Please be in touch with me if you have questions. There are many other opportunities to support this amazing Reserve, and if you would like to learn more, I'd be happy to have you visit.

Here again is the link where you can make an on-line contribution. And keep your eyes out for newsletter bulletins announcing public hikes, classes and events! If you aren't already on our newsletter mailing list, you can sign up here.  

With warm regards and thanks for your consideration,

Kate McCurdy

Director, Sedgwick Reserve


P.S. If you wish instead to send a check to support our efforts, we welcome you to do so. Please make it payable to  UC Regents  and mail to  UCSB Sedgwick Reserve, 3566 Brinkerhoff Road, Santa Ynez, CA 93460 . A small portion of all gifts will provide essential support to UCSB's overall operations.