Donor Stories

Dolly and Charles MullinDolly and Charles Mullin

Dolly and Charles Mullin

Dolly and Charles Mullin, faculty members in the Communication Department at UCSB, have lived  adjacent to the Sedgwick Reserve for over a decade. They became docents in 2008 and have been involved in just about every activity---from digging holes for trailposts, and assisting on hikes, to square dancing at Sedgwick since then. Particularly interested in the fascinating geological diversity at the Reserve, they helped collect the colorful serpentinite rocks that were used to decorate the fireplace in Clarke Hall, the centerpiece of the Tipton Meeting House.  More recently, they contributed creative, as opposed to physical, labor to the Reserve by helping to write the copy for the new Sedgwick brochure. What is it about Sedgwick and their activities there that keep them involved and contributing their time and talents to the Reserve?  According to Dolly and Charles: "We recognize that the Reserve is an enormously valuable resource, not just to the UCSB campus, but to the environmental research and outreach endeavors generally, and we enjoy being able to support the Reserve's mission while at the same time learning more about our own backyard, and meeting and getting to know a lot of really interesting people."

Linda Duttenhaver 

Linda Duttenhaver

Sedgwick’s 1908 hay barn was in danger of succumbing in the next Valley wind storm, but that was before Linda Duttenhaver saw it as part of a tour of the Reserve she took in 2008. A 1977 UCSB alumna, Linda immediately realized that the barn was desperately in need of a new roof, foundation reinforcements and other repairs.  A longtime admirer of old barns, Linda contributed the funds for the necessary work to allow the structure to withstand another 100 years of inclement weather.

In the process of watching the barn restoration, Linda became a regular Sedgwick visitor.  “The more I learned about Sedgwick, the more excited I became about its potential to teach others about conservation, biology and art.  And I fell in love with the Reserve’s natural beauty and serenity.”

Since the barn was completed, she has also generously supported the educational outreach program that brings visitors, school kids and neighbors to the Reserve to learn about and explore its natural resources.






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