The Field Station

The ten-acre Field Station serving Sedgwick Reserve was once the La Laguna Ranch headquarters and the Sedgwick family home.  In 1996, a campaign by the Land Trust for Santa Barbara was successful in purchasing a final 782 acre parcel that had been left by Duke Sedgwick to his heirs when he bequeathed the majority of what is now Sedgwick Reserve to UCSB.  Infrastructure improvements in the years since include a new headquarters building, new housing for Reserve staff, road improvements, distribution of drinking water, installation of a photovoltaic array that provides enough electricity to power the Field Station, and renovation of historic buildings including the hay barn and Duke Sedgwick’s art studio. The acreage surrounding the Field Station is permanently protected for conservation.

Sedgwick and its facilities are available for use by educators, researchers, University of California departments and local non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, the Reserve cannot be used for commercial uses, weddings or fundraising events. For appropriate uses, facilities, equipment, trucks, and personnel can be rented with an advanced reservation. Do not come without a Reservation and receiving Reserve staff approval.