Flora of Sedgwick Reserve

Vegetation on the Reserve represents a rare collection of the region’s most prized plant communities: coastal sage scrub, native grassland, chaparral, coast live and blue oak woodland, valley oak savannah, riparian habitat, gray pine forest, serpentine vegetation, vernal habitat, and agricultural cultivation.

A plant list is regularly maintained by professionals and docents. Please view the latest plant list here: Vascular Plant List

Image 1: Vegetation map created by Dr. Frank Davis, Director of the La Kretz Center for Research at Sedgwick Reserve

Sedgwick Herbarium

The Sedgwick Reserve Herbarium is housed onsite in the Tipton Meeting House. It contains 660 vouchered specimens representing 310 taxa collected on the reserve. For access, please contact Reserve staff.

Each specimen in the onsite Sedgwick Herbarium is also duplicated in the herbarium at the UCSB Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration; a number are included in the Consortium of California Herbaria database.

Sedgwick Reserve is part of the National Phenology Network (NPN)