Our Current Wish List

December 2023

Keeping Sedgwick Reserve’s Communications Online

Supporting all of Sedgwick Reserve’s diverse users takes a lot of communication. Sedgwick Reserve is in need of modernized communications systems that will keep us connected across the remote and rugged environment of the Reserve and through power outages. With your support, the Reserve could purchase several essential items, such as

  • A backup generator to maintain connectivity in power outages
  • Integration of satellite cellular networking (E.g. Starlink) to enhance the reliability and accessibility of communications across the Reserve
  • High-powered, long-range, very high-frequency radios for communication across the Reserve to provide staff with immediate access to police reports and weather data

Expanding our communications systems will significantly enhance our ability to monitor the environment and provide critical information to inform our decision-making capabilities. Radios can be used to communicate when researchers are going deep into the reserve, when staff are working in remote areas, during our public hike days, and during power outages. Modernized communications systems at Sedgwick will also benefit the growing research initiatives and programs at the Reserve that rely on strong communications and dynamic partnerships such as the Prescribed Burn Training Exchange (TREX).

Please consider investing in our communication systems today! Your generosity will help ensure that Sedgwick Reserve continues to be a landscape of excellence in science, education, and land stewardship. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks if you have already made your year-end gift.

Other Wishlist Items

The staff at Sedgwick is currently seeking the following items that will enable it to more effectively deliver its programs:

  • Ten passenger van
  • Electric passenger vehicle
  • Mechanical reed harvester
  • Tractor
  • 8 All Weather Picnic Tables
  • Diesel generator
  • Current set of Peterson’s Field Guides
  • 10″ Makita Slide Compound Mitre Chop Saw
  • Car Ports
  • Dissecting and Compound Microscopes
  • Alaskan Saw Mill, Winch System, & Ripping Chain

Thank you for supporting Sedgwick Reserve!