Schedule a Visit

A research subject waiting to be sampled

More than one visit to Sedgwick will likely be necessary to complete your research objectives.

The NRS Reserve Application Management System (RAMS) was overhauled in October 2012, making it easier for reserve users to submit applications and schedule visits to NRS sites.  Every trip you wish to make to Sedgwick now must be requested in advance through RAMS. Multiple visits can be requested at one time.


If you are a research assistant wanting to make a reservation under your PI’s application, log in as a new user (you’ll have to set up an account) and follow the instructions to join another applicant’s application.

Contact the Sedgwick Office at if you run into difficulty accessing an existing application or making a reservation once a new application has been submitted.

In addition to making reservations on-line, researchers are expected to:

  1. Check in and provide a vehicle description and emergency contact number using the kiosk in the lobby of the office (big building with blue roof).
  2. Be good citizens in reserve housing; drive both private and university vehicles responsibly; and follow rules and safety precautions (review 3-page safety flyer here and the reserve's full emergency plan here)
  3. Fill out facility check-out forms at the end of your Sedgwick stay (located in the lobby of the office) and provide billing account information so that invoices can be mailed out promptly.
  4. Inform the Reserve Director when projects are soon to be completed and be prepared to provide the following:
  • Citations of current publications based on data collected at Sedgwick.
  • A copy of all published materials, including conference proceedings, abstracts, and technical reports (including one bound copy of theses and dissertations) resulting from your research. (NOTE: acknowledge the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA NATURAL RESERVE SYSTEM, UCSB SEDGWICK RESERVE in any publication resulting from use of the reserve.
  • Written confirmation that structures, equipment, flagging, markers, installations, etc. have been or will be removed from research site(s).